Copyright and licensing information

The Motives

The copyright holder or license of the motives used on DigitalPuzzle are listed at the motive description.

If there is no licensing or copyright information you can assume that the motive is free of copyrights or licensed under public domain. If there a copyright or license listed we assure we've asked the copyright holder and got his permission to use the motive or the contitions of the license have been fulfilled.

When choosing and using motives we're very careful not to violate any rights, we only use motives we're allowed to. Though sometimes it happens that there are motives on the internet where a wrong copyright or licensing information is given.

If you see any motive that is protected by any license or copyright and not marked such, please send us a message. We'll immediately remove the motive in question.

The company bytequelle ist copyright holder of all the page content except the puzzle motives.